The Best Activities To Enjoy In Mozambique

trip-to-mozambiqueLying on the south east coast of Africa, Mozambique is a country of contrasts, and one which is still recovering from the withdrawal of the colonial power that ruled the country for centuries.  Mozambique was a former Portuguese territory, and is well known for its plentiful natural resources and the wonderful coastline, but despite these attractive features much of the population is still very poor.  The country was first colonized by the Portuguese at the start of the sixteenth century, and both in terms of the language and much of the architecture, this legacy is still to be seen throughout Mozambique.

Go Swimming With Dolphins

At the southern tip of Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coastline is the small town of Ponta do Ouro, which is a remote yet beautiful part of the country that has become a growing destination for visitors from across Africa and beyond.  As well as being a great place for snorkeling, diving and other water sports, there is also a regular population of dolphins that are receptive to human contact.  Those dolphins who live in the Ponta do Ouro area are named and recognized by the guides, while there is also a greater number of dolphins who pass through this part of the coast, and join in the fun. The guides will take visitors out to the sites where the dolphins are normally to be found, and in most cases the dolphins will be happy to play and swim with visitors, which is a really magical experience.

Visit The Island Of Mozambique

Lying just off the coast of mainland Mozambique is the Island of Mozambique, which was one of the most important administrative points for the Portuguese settlers in the country.  The island is only a small area of land, but it has some large fortifications and several historical buildings from the Portuguese period, and has now been recognized as an UNESCO world heritage site because of its history.  For those looking to make a quick visit the island is only around two miles in length, but those who do spend time exploring the buildings and the fortifications around the island will find it to be a truly fascinating place to visit.

Go Diving In Bazaruto

Bazaruto is a beautiful and unspoilt part of the northern coastline of Mozambique, and is famous for its clear waters and idyllic beaches, with the region now being protected by the Bazaruto National Park.  One of the most popular activities in this region of the country is to go scuba diving, with courses to teach new divers the basic skills being available.  However, it is the sensational coral reefs that are to be found around this part of the coastline that make Bazaruto such a popular place to visit, with teeming shoals of fish and sea turtles and whale sharks also frequently spotted in the waters here.

Explore The Town Of Pemba

The coastal town of Pemba is another popular destination for visitors to Mozambique, boasting some impressive Portuguese architecture and a wealth of water sports activities too.  As well as exploring the wonderful architecture of the town, as an important trading port Pemba is also a great place for shopping, with a traditional African souk and several markets located in the town that are ideal for buying almost anything you need, as well as souvenirs to take home.


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