Why Should Kos Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

The Greek island of Kos was once a part of a larger mountain range that was connected with the mainland, but today it lies among the cluster of islands and is just two miles from the Turkish coast. As one of the islands that has been occupied by Greek people for several thousand years, it [...]

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The Manaslu Circuit – Trekking In Nepal

When I think of the memories that will stay with me forever, there is no doubt that watching a meteor shower among some of the world’s highest mountains in the silence of the Himalayas is a memory I truly treasure. For those who don’t keep track of the world’s highest mountains, Manaslu is the eighth [...]

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Things to do in Kobe, Japan

The city of Kobe is in the Hyongo prefecture. It is the 4th most populous city in Japan. Kobe has gained fame for many things. Many people might remember the Kobe earthquake of 1995 that devastated the region. Others might be aware of the Kobe beef that is said to be the tastiest cut of meat available. The [...]

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Things to Do in Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura is located about an hour south of Tokyo. It is a coastal town that is home to close to 200,000 residents. Visitors enjoy taking a trip to this city for many reasons. Its combination of beaches, temples and shrines along with being close to Tokyo are just some of the things that make this a popular tourist [...]

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Things to Do in Takayama, Japan

The high altitude of Takayama and the terrain often keep this area separate from the tourists that visit Asia. If they do not take the chance to go and see what this city has to offer they are missing a great opportunity. It is located in the mountains of the Hida region. Because of the distance and relatively [...]

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